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The Virtual Experience February 2023


Are you ready to take your 50s 
from “What now?” to “Bring it On!”


let's uplevel it all...

Health. Love. Beauty. LIFE.

your favorite decade

Turn your 50s into

3 fun & fabulous days
that will help you...

“I’m excited for what’s next for me”

Hello 50 LIVE means saying:

February 2023


Make a real plan to “go for it” and get the tools you need to make it happen


Decide what your next steps are and what brings you joy



Get back to what you *REALLY* want (and move on to what you DON’T want)



In this virtual experience, you will...

One weekend where you prioritize YOU and come out renewed on the other side.

One weekend where you can set your responsibilities aside and lean into that sweet spot where you get to do whatever it is you want (even if it feels a little crazy!)

Spend the weekend with other women who “get it” because they’re in the same place - ready to go from “now what?” to “Bring it on!”

Sip a mimosa as you sit comfortably and connect deeply to yourself, to others, and to a new kind of energy.

Discover new products, techniques, and innovations JUST for women “our age” - and even have an opportunity to do some fun shopping if you wish!

wait...did you just say shopping?
yes, it's all about you!


bring it on!


Hello 50 LIVE is being held December 2-4, 2022, with enough time to still share the weekend with your friends and family.

Hello 50 LIVE is a virtual experience, bringing women from all around the world together through our online platform. We will be offering a limited amount of VIP upgrades for even a more exclusive experience.

3 Days of special, curated guests guiding you to reconnect to yourself, find your joy, and reignite your inner spark to step up and live your best years from this day forward. Learn about the latest health, wellness, self care, beauty techniques and products for women 50+. All this while surrounded by amazing women ready to support living your next best chapter in life.

We want you to be with us LIVE with all the collective excitement. Plus, all the exclusive giveaways (worth $1000s) will be gifted LIVE and can only be claimed if you’re there. If you absolutely cannot make it, the VIP and LUXE tiers include replays for 30 days after the event.

Yes! If you’re excited for what’s next as you approach 50, we’d love to have you join us. Plus, so much of what we’ll be discussing will apply to you as well! And believe it or now, there are SO many things that you can do in your 40s to make your 50s even better. 

There will be a ton of hand-curated wellness, self care, health, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition and beauty product recommendations mentioned throughout our 3 days together—many offered at significant discounts for our attendees. Hello You Collective may receive affiliate incentives for promoting some of these products, but we only choose to share ones we fully believe in.

— Matthew Reilly

“You didn’t come this far just to come this far.”

can't wait!