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Well, 54% of them feel ignored by brands!

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Women 50+ are the fastest growing online demographic and account for 27% of all consumer spending.

Are you ready to get in front of the 50+ female "super consumers" who control a net worth of $22 Trillion?


Who is our audience?

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Our audience is a group of influential, upper middle class 50+ women who are motivated not only by the present moment, but by their futures.

By joining us at Hello 50 Live, you’ll automatically become an integral and memorable part of these women’s transformative journeys.

Your brand will be in alignment with the event’s empowering message and you'll gain exposure to an ideal audience of savvy women looking to elevate and enhance their everyday lives.

Hello 50 LIVE is the first immersive, virtual event bringing together an influential group of women in their 50's ready to create transformation, take action, and thrive as they move into the next phase of their lives.

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