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Hello You Collective was born out of a moment in front of the mirror, looking at a person that was both familiar and foreign.

Stubborn pounds collected unwanted in new places, and small lines had started to form around my eyes - markers of my age that had me looking toward the future with more questions than answers.

Saying the words “I’m 50” felt like a curse word accompanied by a gut punch all at once. I didn’t identify as “over the hill” or at least the notion I had painted for myself of what that looked like. 

surrounding menopause stuff, the future, health, wellness, rejection, growth, relationships, and developing a new purpose.

So, I began having deeper conversations...

Yep. I’m pretty sure it was a combination of all of those things and more.

mine started in mid-40s
so worth it, though!

I mean, who said it was ok for me to stop taking care of myself?

When did I stop focusing my attention on building a healthier body, a healthier mind, a healthier life?

Did it happen when my metabolism started to give me the middle finger? 

Did it happen when I had my son and poured everything I had into caring for him?

Or, did it happen when my work became even more demanding, and it was just easier to focus on that rather than work on ME?

let's celebrate the new you!

What you really f’iN want!

Not what society tells you you should want.

Not what’s “expected” of us.

The Hello You Collective is all about hitting the reset button on what mid-life COULD be and finally (finally!) reconnecting with what you REALLY want.

how i'm made

Your new friend and partner-in-crime for all things awesome and real

Hello, I'm Jill!

are you in?

Now I'm taking all of that experience to go all in on my NEW mission:

And that’s what I want for you.

one of my proudest works!

My past life includes 15 years in the film industry! 

fun fact about me

More about my story...

From my 15-year career in the film industry, founding, developing, and then selling a startup company, to building and producing one of the most high-profile health technology shows in the world, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best and the brightest in the health, wellness, and beauty industries.

And yet when I hit 50 I freaked out. My image of 50 was so skewed that I couldn’t reconcile what the world told me it was supposed to look like with what I actually looked and felt like.

To be able to CELEBRATE your 50s, embrace the reading glasses and the hot flashes, and leap forward into whatever it is you want (even if it feels a little crazy!)

So I tapped into my network and started to explore what I really wanted (to look like, to feel like, to BE like)...and I started to reclaim myself from the sense of complacency I was stuck in.


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